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Frequently Asked Questions;

How do I order a sign post?

  1. FIRST: our services are available for Licensed Real Estate Agents (in good standing) in the State of Arizona.

  2. SECOND: you will need to register to our website and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

  3. THIRD: Once registered, we provide a very simple online ordering system for our registered members, which is
    available 24/7. Our online ordering system allows for accurate and detailed information, reducing the amount of

How soon will my post be installed?

  1. When we receive your paid order, our technician will call Arizona 811 for the property to be BLUE STAKED (generally 2 business days). Arizona law (A.R.S. 40-360.21-31) says underground utilities must be marked before any type of excavation by anyone, including professional excavators, homeowners and anyone else whose work disrupts the sub-surface of the earth.

  2. When we are notified that utility markings by AZ811 are complete, installation of the post will be scheduled for the following Tuesday or Thursday.

How will I know my post has been installed?

  1. Once the post is installed, our technician will take a photo and email you this image for your records.

Can I say where the post should be installed?

  • YES, you are provided an "upload" button on our order form for a document/picture of a parcel or aerial map with your indication (in RED) of where to place the post. 

  • You may alternatively place markers to indicate the best location for post installation at the listing property, and include instructions in the service request about these markers.

  • We try to accommodate your placement wishes as much as feasible, but final determination of placement will be made by our technician for the best and safest possible location as determined by Real Estate Signage and AZ Blue Stake utility markings at the time of installation.

What happens if a sprinkler line is damaged during installation?

  • In the unlikely event that a sprinkler line is damaged during installation, Real Estate Sign Setters will make every attempt to repair the damage ourselves. Damage must be reported within 72 hours of installation. Real Estate Sign Setters does not accept responsibility for the cost of repairs if the customer or property owner requests repair by anyone not employed by Real Estate Sign Setters.



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