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Keep your flyer box full for less than $1.00/day
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KEEP IT FULL Info Box Services

PLUS QR Code for
Flyer Download

We will generate a QR code on the box for visitors to download your flyer, if they would rather have a digital record - an added value at no charge!

EMPTY BOX = Lost Opportunities

We all know the negatives of having an empty flyer box!
Well, here are just of few of the positives of always having real estate flyers in your box.  

  • All interested buyers will get immediate details about your clients property from a clean, full color, brightly printed information flyer.

  • Help keep your sellers confident in your dedicated and personalized service to selling their home, by keeping the flyer box always full of flyers.

  • Never miss an opportunity of connecting with neighbors who may be interested in selling their home in the near future.

  • Free up your valuable time, therefore allowing you to concentrate on more sales generation leads.

  • Leave a positive professional impression on buyers, sellers and the community at whole by having a full box of flyers.

Automation of this process through KEEP IT FULL info box services from Real Estate Sign Setters is the solution.

All this for only $30.00/month*

*Your box will be visited bi-weekly to refill it with fresh printed flyers.

(Flyers only, box rentals available with post rentals. Agent to provide PDF file of flyer.) 

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